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Last updated 29 Mar 2024
JDR Hockey #1Undecided
JDR Hockey #2Undecided


  1. June 2024

    1. Sun 16

      MEN - BHL
      Game 13
      1:30PM vs Uni @ UQ4

    2. Sun 16

      WOMEN - ML2
      Game 12
      4:30PM vs Kedron Wavell @ SHC1

    3. Mon 17

      Game 13
      8:49PM vs Easts @ EHTT

    4. Tue 18

      Game 13
      8:40PM vs Kedron Wavell @ EHTT

    5. Thu 20

      Pie Drive
      Order FORMS and Money
      to be returned by today

Full calendar

Season 2023

Season 2023

Registration is now closed

Event Dates

StartSunday 1 January 2023

FinishSaturday 30 September 2023

Registration Dates

OpenSunday 1 January 2023

CloseTuesday 1 August 2023

FeesTerms and conditions

Welcome to Pine Hills Hockey Club

To ensure your Registration is Correct and Complete - please: -
* look through the list of Playing Groups before clicking on Register Now
* a confirmation screen will ask for your email address and a link will be emailed to you - partly filled if you are already a member
* fill/complete the form - add players/playing groups
* tick the questions about photos, sponsors, uniforms and Terms and Conditions, and choose your Payment Method
To understand when and how to pay your fees - PLEASE read the Payment Agreement
* order Uniform as soon as possible if not now
* follow the link to the MANDATORY Hockey Australia/QLD registration at the end
TURF TEAM Players - A Separate INVOICE will be issued for GAMES in April, for payment by 1st June.
If you have any difficulties, please email
Otherwise - more information can be found on About Us / How to Register, or Club Information pages.

Do you have something to sell? Send the details to Robyn


    • Girls
    • 142 Girls Under 7
    • 162 Girls Under 9
    • 261 Girls Junior Grass (U11, U13 and J Grade)
    • 327 Girls Junior Turf (J Grade)
    • 377 Girls playing Junior and Senior Grass
    • 422 Girls playing Junior Turf and Senior Grass
    • 550 Girls playing Junior and Senior Turf
    • Women
    • 335 Under 18 Women's Grass (Playing Senior Only)
    • 520 Under 18 Women's Turf (Playing Senior Only)
    • 352 Women's Grass
    • 242 Women's Masters
    • 537 Women's Turf
    • 520 Women's Grass and Masters
    • 705 Women's Turf and Masters
    • 775 Women's Turf and Grass
    • 942 Women's All Competitions
    • 87 Women's Casual 5 Games Only (Total to be Paid Upfront)
    • 159 Women's Casual 10 Games Only (Total to be Paid Upfront)
    • 0 Women's Secondary Senior
    • Boys
    • 99 Boys Under 7
    • 119 Boys Under 9
    • 250 Boys Under 11
    • 240 Boys Under 13 (Turf)
    • 277 Boys J Division (Turf)
    • 425 Boys Junior And Senior
    • Men
    • 427 Under 18 Men (Playing Seniors Only)
    • 480 Men's Transition (J Boys First Year In Seniors as 18 y.o.)
    • 290 Men's Masters
    • 585 Men's Turf
    • 585 Men's Turf and Masters
    • 126 Men's Casual 1 - 5 Games (Total to be Paid Upfront)
    • 241 Men's Casual 6 - 10 Games (Total to be Paid Upfront)
    • Discounts
    • 15 Family Discount - For Second Player
    • 25 Family Discount - For Third & Subsequent Player

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardBPay, Cash, Cheque / Money Order, Bank Transfer

Terms and conditions

  • Payment Agreement

    For a Direct Debit Payment Plan follow the steps at the checkout.
    For a Customised Manual Payment Plan please contact the Treasurer, directly and immediately, once this registration is complete.
    NOTE - a 20% deposit MUST be paid separately AT Sign On by EFT, cash, or credit card, and is NOT included in the Payment Plan

    Standard Payment Schedule

    o 25% of the TOTAL Registration Fee is due at Sign On
    o 50% of remaining Registration fees is due at first fixture (100% for Casuals)
    o Balance of Registration fees - due by 1st May 2023
    o uniform is to be ordered and PAID IN FULL - through the Online shop at least 14 days prior to required delivery

    Turf Game Fee Schedule - Full Season cost shared over ALL team members - to be paid in Full by 1st June 2023 - no deduction for non-attendance (de-registration or extended injury excepted) - INVOICED SEPARATELY AFTER TEAMS ARE ESTABLISHED - price is based on number of players in team and number of games in season

    o failure to keep to the Payment Schedule or Payment Plan will make the Player ineligible to play, unless prior payment arrangements have been made
    o Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the committee.

    Membership Application

    To play or officiate hockey as a Primary Member of Pine Hills Hockey Club, each player or official must
    . apply for, and have accepted, membership of Pine Hills Hockey Club via this agreement
    + Register Online with Hockey Australia and Hockey Qld through their Mandatory registration process
    . provide documents as required
    . adhere to Codes of Conduct and Rules of Play as required by the Club and Associations
    . meet all financial obligations, according to schedule
    . immediately inform Treasurer if unable to meet the payment schedule
    . immediately inform Team Coach or Manager of unavailability to continue to play
    . understand that hockey involves risks
    . wear protective equipment as required when training and playing
    . be aware that players are Uninsured until membership conditions are met
    * be aware that players cannot take the field until the Hockey Australia subscription has been paid.

    In making this application for membership I acknowledge that:-
    I have read the above statements and the Payment Schedule,
    and I agree that once I am accepted as a Member that I, and/or, my child/ren will meet the requirements.

    I further:-
    * agree not to hold PHHCI responsible for any Injury, accident, or illness sustained by me or my child/ren, however caused.
    * authorise any Medical assistance considered necessary at the time to be obtained for me/my child/ren, and agree to pay all medical expenses so received.
    * authorise Pine Hills Hockey Club Inc to use the information gathered on this form in providing its services to me and/or my child/ren and will notify the Club Secretary of any changes to the information or withdrawals of consent.
    *declare that I and/or my child/ren am/is/are in good physical health, sufficient to participate in training and playing hockey or otherwise,
    *have advised of any health or behaviour issues that need monitoring.