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Last updated 29 Mar 2024
JDR Hockey #1Undecided
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  1. July 2024

    1. Tue 30

      Game 18
      7:00PM vs Easts @ SHC2

  2. September 2024

    1. Sun 15

      Brendale Store
      helpers needed

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Honour Board

All of our Players, Coaches, Managers and Supporters deserve a Round of Applause for a great season.

Well done everyone.

Every Junior Player, up to and including U11's, receives a Participation Trophy.

Three players in each Junior team in a competitive age group (U11, U13, J) receive Notable Achievement awards.

Many other Achievements are also recognised.  Congratulations all.

Club Person of the Year 2023

Teegan Anno

Junior Perpetuals - 2023

Junior Sportsperson - Boys Division

Harrison Falk

Junior Sportsperson - Girls Division

Tiffany Steinitz

Goalkeeper Encouragement

Audrey Anderson

Umpire Encouragement

Millie Johnston

Senior Perpetuals - 2023

Senior Sportsperson of the Year

  Allan Trudgian

Rookie of the Year - Male

Matthew Swigon

Rookie of the Year - Female

          Olivia Speechley

Players' Player

BHL6         - Matthew Swigon
BHL7         - Sean Healy
MHL5         - Allan Trudgian
ML3            - Rachel Barry  
DP2            - Katelyn Sharp
DP3 Yellow - Tiffany Steinitz
DP3 Navy   - Nyamh Lindsay McCleery
DP4            - Kate O'Brien
MM4           - Kate Eykamp

Coach's Choice 

BHL6          - Ben Kerr
BHL7          - Sam Taylor
ML3            - Kylie Cassidy
DP2            -Tiffany Andrews
DP3 Yellow - Alison Bigault
DP3 Navy    - Caitlin Crank
DP4             - Kerren Pearce

Representative Honours 2023

Selections for Championships in 2023

U13 State Championships
Brisbane 2 - Harrison Falk and Patrick Falk
Brisbane 3 - Lachlan Phillips Bradley and Raiden Pickett
U11 Coulter Shield - August - Downey Park
Brisbane 1 - Tate Bartley
Brisbane 4 - Oscar Broad and Foxx Delbridge

Masters State Championships - June - Toowoomba
Brisbane 6 - Alison Bigault
Brisbane 7 - Robyn Sutherland and Stacey Williamson
Brisbane 6 and Qld 50+ Manager - Lesley Bennett

Brisbane 3 34-44 and Qld 40 Gold - Ben Kerr
Qld 60/2 - Keryn McKeon
Qld 75/1 - Ajit Bhullar

Congratulations everyone

Junior Loyalty Awards 2023

5 Years Player

Taryn A Tate B  Ada B Tamika B Gabrielle C Nash C Shirley C

Savannah D Willow D Joshua D Nate E Harrison F Patrick F

Adele F Elise F Christopher L Abigail M Ella M Zavier S

Haylee S Darcy S

Tamika A Eva A Mackayla B Sarah H

COACH Five Years

Deb Street

Senior Loyalty Awards - 2023

100 Games

Katelyn Sharp
Imogen Joynson
Rachael Berry
Chris Jackson
Lachlan Bunt
Amanda Higgs
200 Games
Julie Margaglione
Deb Street

300 Games

Margot Jimmieson/Maloney
400 Games
Julie Mackenzie

500 Games

Liz Allen
600 Games
Lesley Bennett

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