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Last updated 29 Mar 2024
JDR Hockey #1Undecided
JDR Hockey #2Undecided


  1. May 2024

    1. Sat 25

      U9 GIRLS
      U9Yellow - 9:30 @ RP2 vs Valley White
      U9Navy - 8:30 @ RP1 vs MBC

      8:30 AM
    2. Sat 25

      JG1 - 11:00AM on F.8 vs Norths Blue
      14A - 9:30AM - BYE
      12B - 11:00AM - BYE
      12C - 9:30AM on F.7 vs Norths

      10:30 AM
    3. Sat 25

      WOMEN - GRASS - UPDATED 8/5/24
      DP2 - 2:00PM on F12 vs Commercial
      DP3 - 12:30PM on F7 vs Norths
      DP4 - 3:30PM on F1 vs Kedron Wavell

      12:00 PM
    4. Sun 26

      WOMEN - ML2
      Game 9
      12:00PM vs SBE @ EHTT

    5. Mon 27


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Season 2024

Hockey Registration is a two-step process.
This is Club Registration.
You can Register Now and Pay All-Some-Another way, but a DEPOSIT is required.
At the end a link will pop up to take you to the Mandatory Hockey Australia/Qld portal exclusive to Pine Hills players.
It must be paid by credit card at the Point of Sale. You can come back to it by following the link on our webpage, later, but it must be done BEFORE you can play.

 Welcome to Pine Hills Hockey Club

To ensure your Registration is Correct and Complete - please: -
* look through the list of Playing Groups before clicking on Register Now - NOTE THE NEW AGE DIVISIONS for Juniors
* a confirmation screen will ask for your email address and a link will be emailed to you - partly filled if you are already a member
* fill/complete the form - add players/playing groups
* tick the questions about photos, sponsors, uniforms and Terms and Conditions, and choose your Payment Method
To understand when and how to pay your fees - PLEASE read the Payment Agreement
* order Uniform as soon as possible if not now - Helpful Hint - record the number of your CURRENT shirt in the notes
* follow the link to the MANDATORY Hockey Australia/QLD registration at the end
U9 players please select 2024 Junior Player levy U9
If you wish to attend Hookin2Hockey please register under EVENT

If you don't get an Invoice, then you have probably forgotten to tick a box.

TURF TEAM Players - A Separate INVOICE will be issued for GAMES in April, for payment by 1st June.
If you have any difficulties, please email
Otherwise - more information can be found on About Us / How to Register, or Club Information pages.

Do you have something to sell? Send the details to


    • Girls
    • 155 Girls Under 7
    • 175 Girls Under 9
    • 270 Girls Junior Grass (U10, U12,U14, J)
    • 469 Girls Junior Turf
    • 400 Girls playing Junior and Senior Grass
    • 574 Girls playing Junior Turf and Senior Grass
    • 718 Girls playing Junior and Senior Turf
    • Women
    • 347 Under 17 Women’s Grass
    • 545 Under 17 Women’s Turf
    • 175 Women’s Casual – 10 games Only
    • 365 Women’s Grass
    • 563 Women’s Turf
    • 808 Women’s Turf and Grass
    • Boys
    • 105 Boys Under 7
    • 125 Boys Under 9
    • 260 Boys Under 12
    • 374 Boys Under 14 (Turf)
    • 414 Boys J Division (Turf)
    • Men
    • 295 Men’s Masters
    • Discounts
    • 15 Family Discount - For Second Player
    • 25 Family Discount - For Third & Subsequent Player

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardPayment Plan, BPay, Cash, Bank Transfer

Terms and conditions

  • Payment Agreement

    For a Direct Debit Payment Plan follow the steps at the checkout.
    NOTE - a 25% deposit MUST be paid separately AT Sign On by EFT, cash, or credit card, and is NOT included in the Payment Plan
    A Maximum of 4 other payments are allowed. The final date must not be later than 1st May 2024.
    Uniform purchases are NOT included in the Payment Plan.

    For a Customised Manual Payment Plan please contact the Treasurer, directly and immediately, once this registration is complete.

    Standard Payment Schedule

    o 30% of the TOTAL Registration Fee is due at Sign On
    o 50% of remaining Registration fees is due at first fixture (100% for Casuals)
    o Balance of Registration fees - due by 1st May 2024
    o uniform is to be ordered and PAID IN FULL - through the Online shop at least 14 days prior to required delivery

    Turf Game Fee Schedule - Full Season cost shared over ALL team members - to be paid in Full by 1st June 2024 - no deduction for non-attendance (de-registration or extended injury excepted) - INVOICED SEPARATELY AFTER TEAMS ARE ESTABLISHED - price is based on number of players in team and number of games in season

    o failure to keep to the Payment Schedule or Payment Plan will make the Player ineligible to play, unless prior payment arrangements have been made
    o Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the committee.

    Membership Application

    To play or officiate hockey as a Primary Member of Pine Hills Hockey Club, each player or official must
    . apply for, and have accepted, membership of Pine Hills Hockey Club via this agreement
    + Register Online with Hockey Australia and Hockey Qld through their Mandatory registration process
    . provide documents as required
    . adhere to Codes of Conduct and Rules of Play as required by the Club and Associations
    . meet all financial obligations, according to schedule
    . immediately inform Treasurer if unable to meet the payment schedule
    . immediately inform Team Coach or Manager of unavailability to continue to play
    . understand that hockey involves risks
    . wear protective equipment as required when training and playing
    . be aware that players are Uninsured until membership conditions are met
    * be aware that players cannot take the field until the Hockey Australia subscription has been paid.

    In making this application for membership I acknowledge that:-
    I have read the above statements and the Payment Schedule,
    and I agree that once I am accepted as a Member that I, and/or, my child/ren will meet the requirements.

    I further:-
    * agree not to hold PHHCI responsible for any Injury, accident, or illness sustained by me or my child/ren, however caused.
    * authorise any Medical assistance considered necessary at the time to be obtained for me/my child/ren, and agree to pay all medical expenses so received.
    * authorise Pine Hills Hockey Club Inc to use the information gathered on this form in providing its services to me and/or my child/ren and will notify the Club Secretary of any changes to the information or withdrawals of consent.
    *declare that I and/or my child/ren am/is/are in good physical health, sufficient to participate in training and playing hockey or otherwise,
    *have advised of any health or behaviour issues that need monitoring.