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Granted - Thank you MBRC

Pine Hills Hockey Club - granted $15K through the MBRC Community Grant

to assist in the upgrade of field lights.

Last year the lights on two poles on Field 1 (closest to the Sticks and Stones Pavilion) were upgraded using Club funds.
This year - with the assistance of an MBRC Interest Free Loan and club funds - the remaining lights on Field 1 will be upgraded.

We will continue to apply for funds to complete Field 2.


Match information

Please add our webpage to your Favourites. 

Why? It is the best place to find all Match information in one location.

The Calendar is a great place to start - on the right side of each page - with all games for Pine Hills listed in the one place -  and every effort made to ensure that it is updated as soon as the draws are received. 
Sometimes there are last minute Field changes so do always try to double check that the calendar entry is correct by following these links to the Association pages.

You will notice the link : Fixtures/Results: above the Calendar on the right hand side of the Home Page. This link will take you straight to the Brisbane Competitions page where you will find Results, Draws, Statistics for all Clubs and Teams. 


Shoes - some styles banned

Women and Girls - NOTE

From the BWHA Operation Manual

(6)        All players must wear appropriate sports shoes and shin guards. Football boots and cleats are not allowed on any hockey field at DP and RP (and turf fields)

Shoes Not Permitted on DP or RP

Turf Players Note
Some Venues also ban some styles

in order to protect OUR field we uphold these bans on our Home Field at BUNYA


Ground Improvements...

due to a successful Application to 

MBRC Community Grants Program  

MBRC- Supported By- CMYK


has been received to allow 
Pine Hills Hockey Club to 
1) completely enclose its fields with a 2000mm fence,   and 
2) construct a concrete hardstand 
for the storage of goals in the off season.

These improvements will greatly assist us in providing safe and secure facilities for our players.
The support given to us by MBRC  - staff and councillors - is greatly appreciated.

(Note - an additional $4,670.25 is to be contributed by PHHC to complete the funding).


It's a GOOOOAL!!!

let's say that again...

Goal, Goal, Goal, ... actually 6 Goals!

and a heap of goalkeeping gear .... 

Qld  Govt logo


is coming our way due to the successful application to the 

Qld Government Gambling Community Benefit Fund

Betcha happy to hear about that.

Definitely makes membership of Bunya Sports Club worthwhile...


Compliments to the CHEFs

Where shall I meet you....

at the STICKS & STONES CAFE of course.

What a fantastic team of chefs, chief cooks and bottle washers aim to please us at training each Thursday.

Do come along and say Hi and Thank You to all the happy volunteers who work in our Canteen.
Here are just some.
20160709 10124 1canteen 
and here is one of their biggest fans....
                                                20160709 101312[ 1]kooka


If it is Not OFF then it is ON...

A reminder that - if you don't hear that your Training (or Game) has been called off then...

It is still ON.
Your coach will still be able to conduct a rules or strategy session if a sprinkle turns to a shower.

 An area on our webpage above the Calendar Tab also shows if our Field is Open or Closed - it will be updated on advice from Council. 


When Blue skies turn to grey .....


Training - unless it is raining heavily over the whole of S.E. Qld then training will still be on. Especially for Turf teams. Just because it is showery in your suburb does not mean it is at James Drysdale Reserve or Chermside.
But - parents - please do not leave your child at training if it looks like it might get cancelled after all.

If there has been constant rain that has made the surface of the field unplayable then Coaches and/or Managers will advise their teams as soon as possible if training is called off - or if an alternate activity is arranged.

LIGHTNING - a few weeks ago we had to call players off the field due to lightning overhead.
Safety of players and Volunteers is more important than a few moments training. Coaches and Managers have a Duty of Care to call training off if there is the slightest discomfort about the conditions.  

GAMES - Clubs have to wait until Associations make a decision about whether fixtures are cancelled.
Please DO NOT call the Association Offices. As soon as our Club is notified there will be a chain of communication set in place through Coaches/Managers to all players - via email or sms, on the webpage or Facebook. Please be Patient. We understand you have to leave home an hour or more before your game but everyone tries to do their best to get the message out as quickly as possible.
HINT: No NEWS means NO Cancellation (almost certainly) so just go to the field expecting to play.

If all else fails you can call the Association Wet Weather Number

p: 1900 962 018

but be prepared to wade through a long list of messages and to pay for the privilege.

Doggy do do's

All players and spectators should now be aware that Dogs are not to be taken to Turf Venues.
It is also asked that Dogs are NOT brought on to our field or into the Sticks and Stones Pavilion at James Drysdale Reserve. If you want to exercise your dog you need to do so outside the fenced area. (And please keep them on a leash and pick up after them). Thank you.  


119498491023873078 7no smoking sign domas jo

Regulations state that our Sticks and Stones Pavilion is a NO SMOKING area.

We ask that - at training -  smoking is done outside of the perimeter fence.

Please dispose of Butts in Rubbish Bins.

Also in the interest of the health of our players - please note - there are NEW Smoking laws regarding smoking near sporting fields. 



Please - mind your language - we know sometimes when the competition is hot we can all get a bit frazzled.

BUT - Players can be sent off for swearing at, or abusing, other players or the umpire - please don't let your team down because you couldn't keep your mouth shut.
And - Spectators/ Parents/Coaches - the Captain can get sent off for abuse from the Sideline.
Would you want someone else's child to be sent off because of your mis-behaviour? 
Pine Hills Hockey Club is a Zero Tolerance Club for bad sports. Remember - Positive .. or its pointless

Player Safety

All Players are reminded to wear shin-guards and mouth-guards while Training and Playing.


Also each Full Field Team has been provided with TWO Face Masks for use by Defenders
during Short Corners. 
These are becoming a vital piece of equipment to help prevent facial  injury from high shots at goal.
                                        While it is usually 'posties' who wear them, runners may also benefit.
                                                                    If your team needs more than two - please just ask.  


Spectators who are not just watching

Parents - please be aware of what your children are getting up to while you or their siblings are training.

Please do not allow them to -
  • go onto the field where training is taking place
  • enter another sporting area, 
  • climb on fences or backnets, 
  • hit/kick/throw balls or toys in the vicinity of players or other families
  • run out into the carpark
  • enter the canteen
  • run near the bbq
  • go to the toilet unsupervised
  • drop rubbish

Parents - for your own safety and to give the coaches some space - you are invited to sit along the outer long sides of the field only - not along the fence at the goal ends, and not between, or anywhere, on the field.

Help is always appreciated with packing up chairs, sweeping out, cleaning toilets.
So if you see a job that you can help with please ask how you can give a hand. (We love applause.



Did your team play a great game that you would love to tell the rest of your club-mates about?
See the Button --Match Reports---
above the Calendar on the right of the Home page?
the heading Match Reports at the bottom of the Home page?

That is where your coach or manager can share what your team has been up to each week.
It is simple to do - email - - to find out how. 
Lets see who can tell the biggest, most inspiring or hilarious stories each week. 

Venues - updated

With such a wide range of competitions and fields, it has happened that, players sometimes turn up at the wrong field!

Check here --Venues--  before setting the GPS 


What if....

you need other information 
for everything you need to know about who to contact, Insurance, club rules and policies.
If there is something you need but can't find please email

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