Honour Board

All of our Players, Coaches, Managers and Supporters deserve a Round of Applause for a great season.
Well done everyone.

Every Junior Player, up to and including U11's, receives a Participation Trophy.
Three players in each Junior team in a competitive age group (U11, U13, J) receive Notable Achievement awards.

Many other Achievements are also recognised. Congratulations all.

Club Person of the Year 2019

Peter McLeod


Junior Perpetuals - 2019

Junior Sportsperson

   Lachlan Bunt

Goalkeeper Encouragement

Millie Johnston

Umpire Encouragement

Emily McMahon

Senior Perpetuals - 2019

Senior Sportsperson of the Year

  Kelvin O'Shea

Rookie of the Year - Male

Ian "Billy" Bunt

Rookie of the Year - Female

          Katelyn Sharp

Players' Player

CHL - Ben Kerr
MHL3 - Cameron McLeod
Div 4 - Kirsten Liebich
Div 6 - Pippa Browning
DP2 - Pauline Cotton
DP5 - Sharon Kermeci
MM2 - Kylie Cassidy
MM4 - Pippa Browning

Coach's Choice 

Div 4 - Kirsten Liebich
Div 6 - Pippa Browning
DP2 - Margot Jimmieson
DP5 - Carleen Fitzsimon


Junior Loyalty Awards 2019

Ten Years Player
Sammy Percival

5 Years Player

Jasmine Bishop

Sarah Traynor

Zayda Wilson

Lachlan Bunt

Matthew Limbert

Matthew Swigon


Senior Loyalty Awards - 2019

100 Games

Ray Langler
Morgan Avery
200 Games
Fiona Wilson
300 Games
Jodie Dacey
400 Games
Karina McGill
Pippa Browning

Representative Honours 2019

Selections for State and National Championships in 2019

U15 State Championships - September - Warwick
Brisbane 2 - Kyle Wannenburgh
U13 State Championships - July - Toowoomba
Brisbane 2 - Luke Wannenburgh
Brisbane 3 - Jonathan Boyce
Brisbane 2 Coach - Sam Brooks
U11 Coulter Shield - August - Downey Park
Brisbane 2 - Elliott Alexander
Brisbane 2 - Christopher Limbert
Brisbane 3 - Liam Bell
Brisbane 4 - Ethan Messer

Masters State Championships - June - Mackay
Brisbane 4 - Stacey Williamson
Brisbane 6 - Donna Gallagher, Jan Galloway, Clare Slocomb, Rachael Speechley, Robyn Sutherland
Brisbane 6 Manager - Lesley Bennett
Masters National Championships - September - Gold Coast
Qld 60+#2 - Robyn Sutherland

Masters National - September - Bunbury/Busselton
Brisbane, Qld O75 - Rusty Tuck
Congratulations everyone