Honour Board

All of our Players, Coaches, Managers and Supporters deserve a Round of Applause for a great season.
Well done everyone.

Every Junior Player, up to and including U13's, receives a Participation Trophy.
Three players in each Junior team in a competitive age group (U11, U13, J) receive Notable Achievement awards.

Many other Achievements are also recognised. Congratulations all.

Club Person of the Year 2018

Kylie Cassidy


Senior Sportsperson - Hills Echo Trophy - 2018

       Stacey Williamson


Senior Perpetuals - 2018

Rookie of the Year - Male

Lachlan Bunt

Rookie of the Year - Female

          Joanne Kochanski

Players' Player

CHL - Ben Kerr
MHL3 - Allan Trudgian
Div 4 - Michelle Rozynski
Div 5 - Pippa Browning
DP3 - Megan McInnes
DP5 - Joanne Kochanski
MM2 - Colleen Hopper
MM4 - Pippa Browning

Coach's Choice 

Div 4 - Jessica Cassidy
Div 5 - Rebecca Johnson
DP3 - Isobelle Kingsman
DP5 - Deb Street


Senior Loyalty Awards - 2018

100 Games

Igna Boujaoude
Julie Margaglione
Deb Street
Mal Street
Michelle Whishaw
Sandy Yates
300 Games
Julie Mackenzie
Clare Slocomb
400 Games
Liz Allen
500 Games
Lesley Bennett

Junior Perpetuals - 2018

Goalkeeper Encouragement

Indiana Jenkinson

Umpire Encouragement

Chloe Scaysbrook 

Junior Loyalty Awards 2018

Ten Years Player
Jordan Dickson
Chelsea Clark
Emily McMahon

5 Years Player

Cassidy Beidham

Madison Beard

Lauren Davies

Cadence Down

Mackenzie Fossilo
Piper Goodwin

Charlotte Heffernan

Lelani Holden

Saffron Jenkinson

Sophie Lloyd
Caitlyn Mulcahy

Rasheeda Panuel-Porter

Charlotte Raper

Jordan Raper

Greta Schloss

Luke Darlington

Sam Taylor


Representative Honours 2018

Selections for State and National Championships in 2018

U13 State Championships - July - Gladstone
Brisbane U13.2 - Toby Bunt
Brisbane U13.3 - Matthew Limbert
Brisbane U13.3 - Bailey Ogden

U11 Southern Cross - August - Downey Park
Brisbane 2 - Indiana Jenkinson
U18 State Championships - July - Cairns
Brisbane 4 - Jordan Dickson

Masters State Championships - June - Townsville 
Brisbane 5 - Colleen Hopper, Donna Gallagher
Brisbane 6 - Jan Galloway, Clare Slocomb, Rachael Speechley, Robyn Sutherland
Masters National Championships - September - Bunbury/Busselton 
Qld 55+#2 - Colleen Hopper, Donna Gallagher
Qld 65+ -  Jan Galloway, Clare Slocomb, Robyn Sutherland

Congratulations everyone