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Season 2022 - ONLINE Registration NOW OPEN

Online Sign-on for Season 2022 is OPEN NOW.

Pine Hills Welcomes all New and Returning Players.

There are places available in all teams.

Note this is CLUB Registration only.

A Link to the Hockey Qld Registration portal will open when exiting the Checkout. It will be appreciated if you complete that step at the same time.

Click on the Green Button below to get started.

Please read the opening information and then click the BLUE Button at the bottom of the price list.

If you have any difficulties please email

Otherwise - more information can be found on other pages Register Now


Season 2022 - Hockey Australia/ Hockey Qld - Mandatory Registration - NOW OPEN

Click on this direct link to Hockey Australia Registration 

to register as a player with Pine Hills Hockey Club

It enables Registration with Hockey Australia and Hockey Qld  - via the unique link for Pine Hills Hockey Club.

This is Mandatory - Players are Uninsured and cannot take the field to train or play until this is done. 

Note - Club Registration is done separately - see link above

Please Note - 

ALL NEW PLAYERS (never played or registered ONLINE before) - please select REGISTER

ALL RETURNING PLAYERS - please select RENEW - using the SAME email address as last year

Select the appropriate Registration type from the Drop down box and continue. 

This is what to look for:-

2022 Player - U9 (4-8years) $35.20

2022 Player - Junior (9-18years) $76.70

2022 Player - Student (19-24) $104.90

2022 Player - Senior (19+) $133.40

2022 Player - Senior 10 Game Casual $100

Payment is required - Online at POINT of SALE by Credit Card. A transaction fee is added at the Checkout.

The rate depends upon the Age of the Player at 31/12/2022 not the Team they will be in.

Players transferring FROM other Clubs - RENEW with Pine Hills. 

Players changing TO another club - RENEW with the NEW club. 

A Clearance process will be activated in the background. 

As a courtesy, please personally advise the old club beforehand and, until the process is complete players cannot train or compete with the new club.

Dual/Secondary Players - please register and pay the HA/HQ fees with your Primary Assoc/Club BEFORE registering with Pine Hills. Then select - Senior - Second Club - and RENEW. 

NO payment will be applied at the checkout. 

If you have any questions or issues please contact us. 

When you are ready to register click here Hockey Australia Registration

and Thank you.

We look forward to seeing your Registration soon.


Season 2022 - HOW To Register with Pine Hills Hockey Club

Welcome to Season 2022.

Registration is a TWO STEP process. 

Step One

CLUB Registration

After Clicking on the BIG GREEN BUTTON Register Now   on the Home Page, you will see a complete list of player groups and their fees. 

Please get an idea of which Playing Group you will choose later, to avoid making a mistake. 

Scroll down and click on the blue button Register Now 

A request to enter your email address will appear so the system can determine whether you are already a member.

New Members will begin entering their Account details - Existing Members will check their details - before adding players.

  • The account is to be held in the name of a Parent or Adult player.
  • Senior players are their own Parent/Guardian, 
  • the Emergency contact must be a different person (other parent, spouse, relative etc).
  • If you are a returning member, the system will remember you, if you are using the same email address that you used last time. Please check all your details are correct before continuing.
  • If you have a new email address - please send an email to  -  and it can be updated before you start (this will avoid creating a new identity).
  • Players who have turned 18 and want to register as themselves, need to start a new account in their own name


Add the Player/s and their Playing Group/s by opening the section after the Emergency contact details.

Add all players at the same time to receive Family discounts.

The Registration can be modified later by logging in and adding/upgrading players - approval will be required  before the change is finalised

If you need a Uniform please order now to avoid delays. 
And don't forget to read/tick the Terms and Conditions. Please also read the Payment Schedule if you are not paying in Full.

Success will be yours when you reach the checkout. 

  • A DEPOSIT, at least, is required with the registration.

Select how you will make your payment - 

          • Pay later (Bank transfer, BPay, cash, cheque), 
      • Credit Card Online, 
      • or via the Payment Plan Option (activated at the checkout). 

(Note for payment plans - the deposit and uniform orders are to be paid by other means.)

An Invoice will be sent to your email address with Payment Method details.


Step Two

Mandatory Peak Body Registration

At the end of the Club Registration - Please click on the blue "Register with Revolutionise Sport" button  to carry out the Mandatory Hockey Australia/Qld registration.

Payment needs to be made by Credit Card at completion.

If you are unable to carry out this step, at this time, you can come back to it later - but is MUST be done before you can begin training or playing.

This Registration is submitted in the PLAYER's NAME.  

Please choose to either REGISTER or RENEW and select the payment category according to the player's age. 

Any Questions? Please email Robyn - 

MEN - MASTERS - Round 10
8:10 @ RED vs SWU
GIRLS - Round 6 - updated 10/5
11D - 8:00 @ F.tba vs Valley
11B - 9:30 @ F.tba vs Valley
13B - 8:00 BYE
13A - 9:30 @ F.tba vs University of Qld
JG2 -11:00 @ F.tba vs All Hallows
JG1 -11:00 BYE
WOMEN - GRASS - Game 9
DP1 - 3:30 @ F.tba vs St Andrews
DP3 - 2:00 @ F.tba vs SWU
DP4 - 12:30 @ F.tba vs Commercial
DP5 - 3:30 @ F.tba vs Valley
MEN - BHL7 - Round 10
1:30 @ BP2 vs Easts
Girls/Women - Downey Park/Rasey Park
Entire Calendar...
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